METAL LASER MARKINGS and other materials

Laser marking refers to a process that involves marking or numbering components with a laser beam, with considerable advantages compared to traditional marking and engraving methods.
This process has the advantage of being very precise, permanent and achieves a high aesthetic quality. With the laser marking it is possible to work on surfaces that are already finished and treated without affecting their quality.

In addition to laser cutting, Ax Professional specializes in laser marking with YAG technology. We can mark laser metals and almost all types of material, defining a working field of 160 × 160 mm.

The depth of the incision can be controlled and reach a maximum of 0.30 mm.

We work on the client’s drawing using vector format files (DXF, DWG and many others).

These are just some examples of what we can achieve:

  • Barcode laser marking
  • Laser dot matrix marking
  • Laser marking of progressive numbers
  • Laser marking of customized designs